A cool Zulu Rum under the African heat.

Zulu Rum giving you the relaxation of Africa

The Zulu Rum  range comes in 3 types. Zulu Rum (white rum),Zulu Impi Rum (dark rum) and Zulu Gold Rum (the gold will only be released  in 2014). They are bottled in  750ml glass bottles that are made from recycled glass.They come packed standard 6 bottles in a box. It is 43% ALC VOL.

First  South African rum to be produced in Kwazulu-Natal ,Zulu Rum cocktails at Wahooz cocktail bar ,Ushaka Marine World, Durban,South Africa. Zulu Rum first rum to be produced in KwaZulu-Natal ,South Africa


Zulu Rum Label.

Zulu Gold Rum.

Zulu Rum from KwaZulu-Natal

Zulu Impi Rum