Zulu Rum won the Gold Medal in The Fifty Best for Best White Rum in New York.

Zulu Rum South Africa’s Own.


The first local rum produced from the sugar cane in KwaZulu-Natal.
The idea for Zulu Rum first occurred to Clinton Wyness when travelling
through the rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal which were blanketed in sugar cane.
He thought it strange that the province did not have its own rum knowing that
most other sugar producing areas, such as Mauritius, the Caribbean and
Australia all had a flourishing rum industry.
Clinton approached a close friend Wayne Oliver who is now a partner in Zulu Rum.
Wayne supported the idea from the beginning and allocated resources for research.
So began the story of Zulu Rum.

The Rum is available in three smooth varieties.
Zulu Rum: a clear rum, light in flavour. Great to use in cocktails and
particularly suited for mixing with fruit juices.
Zulu Gold Rum: gold in colour with a raisin flavour that mixes well with and
cola or lemonade.
Zulu Impi Rum: a Dark Rum with a woody flavour for those who prefer the
more traditional rum and cola.
There has been great interest shown in the product  from South Africa, Australia,
Europe, United States of America,  Asia and the United Kingdom.
Zulu Rum is here in KwaZulu Natal and will be spread out over South Africa, as the weeks and months go by.

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